Mamaste: Yoga and Meditation for Pregnancy and Labor

September 23 | 4:00-6:00 PM

Join Jennryn Wetzler for an interactive workshop focused on the miracle of pregnancy and birthing new life. This workshop helps expectant mothers and partners navigate the physical changes during pregnancy and labor. Using yoga asana, meditation and visualizations as well as physical massage, we will share tools and calming techniques to ease mothers' into a more relaxed state for labor.

This workshop is appropriate for first, second and third trimester mothers, whether they have yoga experience or not. Partners and friends welcome! This workshop is also appropriate for partners and friends, interested in supporting mothers through their delivery.

The workshop costs $25 for members, $30 for non-members.

Self Defense Workshop Part II

September 30 | 4:00-6:00 PM

Join Sarah Hippert and Danny Chacon for the second installment of a two part self-defense series. Many assaults are for the purpose of sexual assault and take place on the ground or in small spaces (car, bed, bathroom), this workshop will cover what to do if you're confronted with one of these situations.

All are welcome to this workshop even if you did not take part 1: standing defense tactics. This workshop will begin by practicing boundary setting, deescalation tactics and understanding intentions based on body language. We will cover rear escapes and in doing so how to take your attacker to the ground as well as an escape from guard, mount and back control. These escapes will feature both submissions and striking finishes.

The workshop costs $25 for members, $30 for non-members.


September 30 | 8:00-9:30 PM

Kick start your Saturday night by breaking a sweat, moving to the beat of the music and... glowing? Join Danimal for our first ever Glow In The Dark Yoga class. Students will spend the beginning of class decking themselves out in glow sticks and glow in the dark paint before we turn out the lights, turn up the disco and flow. Students are encouraged to wear white clothes they don't mind getting paint on. Afterward we'll have a BYOBeverage Happy Hour  and connect with the community.

This class is covered with your membership, class pass or a single, drop-in class.

Meditation in Motion

October 28 | 4:00-6:00 PM

Meditation and yoga are essentially synonyms. It’s common to think of meditation as sitting still, and yoga as a lot of moving, sweating and stretching. But in practice they complement and each other. Approaching our moving yoga practice as a type of meditation can leave us in a profound state serenity.

Join Michael Peterson for a mini-retreat to explore common yoga movements as a foundation for meditation, plus yogic breathing techniques, seated meditation and guided relaxation. We’ll begin with some discussion about what meditation is and what it is not so bring any questions or issues you’ve had with the practice.

The workshop costs $25 for members, $30 for non-members.

Yoga for the Office

November 18 | 4:00-6:00 PM

Who says you need a mat to practice yoga? Whether you take the postures sitting on a chair or standing at the wall, a few minutes of yoga can improve focus, help change your attitude towards work, relax the mind and body and counteract the physical demands of sitting for extended periods. Join Renana Fox for this workshop on how to modify yoga postures for the office. In addition to learning modified office appropriate postures, we'll explore the common physical habits of an office environment and create individualized sequences to help you find balance in your body.

This workshop is also great for road warriors. Whether you're traveling for the holidays or regularly on the road for work, many of the same postures and techniques serve as a great antidote for too much time on planes, trains and automobiles.

This workshop costs $30, $25 for members.