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Please note, each pass is per household during the pandemic. However, if you buy a workshop pass for a friend, please email us with their full name so we ensure they are booked into the class.

Ahimsa Flow

Monday, Jan. 18 | 10:00-11:00 AM

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we invite you to join Alicia Moyer for a Flow 1/2 focused on cultivating a more compassionate relationship to ourselves through the practice of yoga.

This class is included in your pass or membership; please feel free to sign up as you normally do.


Lunch and Learn

Monday, Jan. 18 | 12:00-12:45 PM

How does our yoga practice shape our relationship to others, to the broader world? How might our practice show up off the mat?

Yoga is more than the poses we do to stretch our bodies, more than self-care. Yoga can give us a new sense of awareness, of ourselves and how we move within and interact with the world. In the first of our free monthly panel discussions on off-the-mat yoga, we explore the concept of ahimsa or non-violence, which inspired both Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. Ahimsa is not inaction, but a specific call to how we might take action in the face of injustice, oppression, and inequality. More than non-violence, Ahimsa implores us to actively work to undo harm.

Join Kelly DiNardo, Alicia Moyer and Otis Ramsey-Zöe for a panel discussion about yoga and social justice. We invite you to bring lunch and join in the conversation. We are all teachers; we are all students.

This discussion is free; please sign up as you normally do.


Inauguration Day Flow

Wednesday, Jan. 20 | 10:00-111:00 AM

Inauguration Day is a powerful time for us to come together and contemplate change. Join Meagan Estep for a 45-minute upbeat Flow 1/2 class followed by a lovingkindness meditation focused on community and connection.

This class is included in your pass or membership; please sign up as you normally do.


Immersion Course: Core

Saturday, Jan. 23 | 3:00-4:30 PM

When you google "body core" you'll find lots of photos of muscles that are on the front, back and sides of the torso and even above your chest and below your belly button. In this workshop we'll explore where and what your core is, how it supports your body's everyday movements and how you can strengthen it to maintain mobility, flexibility and yes, a touch of good physique. Join Jenna Grubman to find out how below the surface, your core can be your best asset.

This workshop costs $30. Register by Wednesday, January 20 for Early Bird Pricing of $25; $20 for members. Use coupon code Core at checkout to apply the discount. Members, please email Kelly for your coupon code. All students are encouraged to send questions ahead of time. 

The Yogi's Kitchen

Sunday, Jan. 24 | 3:00-4:30 PM

Yoga meets healthy eating with our chef-led cooking classes. Join Nichole Ferrigno, a chef, integrative health coach and yoga instructor, for 30-minutes of movement followed by an hour-long cooking class and discover new ways to nourish yourself on and off the mat. For January, we’ll cook up a West-African sweet potato and peanut stew with a lemon-kale salad. Both recipes are gluten free and can be made vegetarian or vegan.

This workshop costs $30. Remember, when you sign up for online classes and workshops, everyone in your home is welcome. Pre-registration is required; the ingredient list will be emailed to students on Friday, Jan. 22.

Immersion Course: Lower Body

Saturday, Jan. 30 | 3:00-4:30 PM

Sitting more than usual these days? Running off the stress? Join Meagan Estep for an afternoon all about your hips, legs, ankles, and feet. This workshop will focus on building strength and improving mobility in the lower body to help you with everyday movements, to counteract too much sitting, and to improve your yoga practice, particularly forward bends and backbends. This workshop will also give runners a leg up -- stretching and opening areas of the body they often strain.

This workshop costs $30. Register by Wednesday, January 27 for Early Bird Pricing of $25; $20 for members. Use coupon code EBLow at checkout to apply the discount. Members, please email Kelly for your coupon code. 

Bringing Mindfulness Into the Classroom

Saturday, February 13 | 3:00-4:30 PM

Mindfulness practices teach us to live in the present moment. This skill can offset the constant distractions of our multi-tasking, multimedia culture and help students in and out of the classroom. Research has shown that mindfulness meditation practices contribute to increased attention and concentration and management of school stress. In this workshop, geared towards classroom educators and school professionals, we’ll explore:

  • What mindfulness is
  • How to create a structure and plan for incorporating short mindful moments into the school day in order to create calmer classrooms (even online)
  • Specific mindfulness practices – including breathing, imagery and movement – that teachers can use for themselves and share with their students
  • How to adapt mindfulness for different ages

This workshop will be lead by Meagan Estep (RYT500), an experienced museum educator who believes deeply in the power of slow looking and mindful conversation. She has worked with K-12 students and teachers via the education departments of the National Gallery of Art, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, The Phillips Collection, and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Meagan has also completed a wealth of training in the fields of yoga, meditation, and human movement, including a “mindfulness in the classroom” certification from Heart-Mind Education.

This workshop costs $30. Register by Wednesday, February 10 for Early Bird Pricing of $25, $20 for members. Use coupon code Class at checkout to apply the discount. Members, please email Kelly for your coupon code.