Better Balance

February 24 | 4:00-6:00 PM

Wondering how to stay still in Tree Pose? Half Moon? Whatever your level, balancing poses can improve your posture, create more overall strength, help with coordination, enhance your focus, and boost your confidence. Join Rachel Morrison and learn how to develop and maintain balance within your yoga practice, both on the mat and off.

This workshop is appropriate for all levels.

The workshop costs $30; $25 for members. Or double the fun with our Mastering Arm Balances workshop and get both for $55, $45 for members. Members, please email Kelly for a coupon code to apply your discount.

Virtual Meditation

March 1-22 | 7:00-7:45 PM

A regular meditation practice can reduce stress, enhance concentration, improve sleep, boost the immune system and more. But it can be tough to meditate without a teacher or guide, particularly in the beginning. Join Michael Peterson for our four-week online meditation series includes instruction and the opportunity to ask questions, troubleshoot and practice with the community from the comfort of your home.

Week 1: Cultivating Focus
Focus is essential for both productivity and a calm resting state. We'll discuss the fundamental intention of meditation and practice developing focus.

Week 2: Cultivating Relaxation
We'll practice a technique to help us relax into the present moment

Week 3: Befriending the Mind
Instead of trying to "quiet" the mind, we will practice a technique of using the mind to help cultivate focus and ease

Week 4: Trouble-shooting and Tips
We'll practice and discuss how to make a home practice accessible to you.

Students must pre-register for the entire series by February 28 in order to receive instructs to connect to the course. Students will be able to connect via phone or computer. And recordings of all four classes will be available for download.

The entire four-week series costs $50; $40 for members. Members please email Kelly for the discount code.

Mastering Arm Balances

March 3 | 4:00-6:00 PM

Challenged by arm balances? Looking to learn some new ones? Come to this workshop with Danimal to learn the fundamentals of succesful arm balancing. You'll learn how to tap into your core, distribute your weight, and use balance and strength to liberate these challenging asanas.

The workshop costs $30; $25 for members. Members, please email Kelly for a coupon code to apply your discount.

Yoga for Bone Health

March 10 | 4:00-5:30 PM

Join Liz Bernstein for this 90-minute workshop on your bones. We'll look at how bone matter is made in the body and what osteoporosis actually means. Then, we will spend an hour practicing specific yoga poses in a Hatha class. In Hatha we move carefully from one pose to the next instead of flowing to connect the postures. Bring questions! We'll leave time for questions and answers at the end.

The workshop costs $25; $20 for members. Members, please email Kelly for a coupon code to apply your discount.

Mamaste: Yoga + Meditation for Pregnancy and Labor

March 24 | 4:00-6:00 PM

Join Jennryn Wetzler for an interactive workshop focused on the miracle of pregnancy and birthing new life. This workshop helps expectant mothers and partners navigate the physical changes during pregnancy and labor. Using yoga asana, meditation and visualizations as well as physical massage, we will share tools and calming techniques to ease mothers' into a more relaxed state for labor.

This workshop is appropriate for first, second and third trimester mothers, whether they have yoga experience or not. Partners and friends welcome! This workshop is also appropriate for partners and friends, interested in supporting mothers through their delivery.

The workshop costs $25 for members, $30 for non-members. Members please email Kelly for the coupon code.

Prana Flow

April 14 | 4:00-6:00 PM

Join Jennryn Wetzler for a special two-hour Prana flow experience, and enjoy a deeper sense of awareness and vitality.

Prana, also known as life energy, or the energy of consciousness, can be easily depleted by life's circumstances or harnessed through our intentional actions, and energetic movement. This workshop will help practitioners learn about their energy. Together, we will harness prana through a beautiful, energetic flow on the mat.

The workshop is best for participants with some experience in yoga, however everyone is welcome. Please bring a journal or notebook and a pen.

This workshop costs $30; $25 for members. Members please email Kelly for a coupon code to apply your discount.

Yoga for Runners

September 8 | 4:00-6:00 PM

Getting ready for race season? Training for a big one? Yoga can help improve your balance, strength, flexibility and mental focus, giving you a leg up for a 10K or all 26.2 miles.

This workshop with Dan Carter will focus on stretching and opening up the body parts runners strain like hamstrings and hip flexors as well as strengthening the back and abdominal muscles. We'll also send you home with poses to practice after a long run to keep you loose.

The workshop costs $30; $25 for members. Members please email Kelly for a coupon code to apply your discount.