Our values

Past Tense is dedicated to moving you past the tensions of everyday life. We provide a welcoming, open atmosphere without pretension where students can find joy in and support for their yoga practice.

Our intention

To foster connection, lead with heart, and live up to the guiding principle of ahimsa


  • To recognize and celebrate that we are all inextricably connected
  • Our classes are for every body. We provide safe, accessible, and high-quality yoga classes and a place for students to find support for their practice, whether they are seeking greater flexibility, less stress, or a deeper understanding of themselves
  • To create a welcoming studio community and to actively participate in our neighborhood
  • To celebrate and honor the diversity within our neighborhood


  • To lead from the heart, which begins by putting people first and prioritizing respect, compassion, cooperation, and gratitude
  • To cultivate and encourage creativity, playfulness, and wonder
  • To foster internal connection so we might uncover and access self-compassion, peace, and joy
  • To remember while we all experience suffering, joy is our natural state


  • To live and act with the guiding principle of ahimsa, or non-violence, at our center
  • To recognize ahimsa is more than the absence of violence, it is compassion and integrity for all. It is the highest expression of love
  • To understand the roots of our practice and honor the ancient yogic tradition; to acknowledge that our interpretation of yoga is a blend of many traditions and adapted to the needs of our DC community
  • To embrace the call to actively undo harm and take action in the face of injustice, oppression, and inequality
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