Teacher application

We’re looking for experienced (more than one year of teaching experience) yoga and fitness teachers to join our team. We’re interested in teachers who have a passion for helping students grow in their practice, developing workshops/specials, and building community.

Our teaching staff is purposefully eclectic as we want our studio tor reflect the diversity and needs of our community, but we expect our team to embody our core values. We expect teachers to work with our studio assistants to present a clean, welcoming, peaceful, and sacred space, be comfortable with CowTinker (we’ll train you!), to follow studio policies and procedures, attend team meetings, and maintain a safe, friendly and fun environment. Please note, this includes arriving at the studio 15 minutes before class to help open the studio and welcome students and staying after class to tidy up and close the studio (with the Studio Assistant).

If you have less than one year of teaching experience, we encourage you to reach out about leading our Community Classes.

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