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We understand each of you has a variety of factors impacting your budget beyond income. When determining which membership to choose, we ask you to consider the following.

  • Do you have direct access to financial resources? We ask those of you with privilege to pay at the Sustaining or Share-the-Love level. It is common for all of us to inaccurately assess our access to resources. We know class is complicated and we found this guide about class categories from Generative Somatics helpful.
  • Will your organization or employer reimburse you for wellness expenses?
  • Are you currently a student?
  • Are you in a service profession (teacher, EMT, nurse, etc.)?
  • Are you a veteran?
  • Do you have chronic health needs with financial implications?
  • Do you support your family or other dependents?

We hope these questions are a helpful guide in determining whether the Community Membership is right for you. If the monthly cost of the Community Membership remains a financial hardship, please email us.

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