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Prenatal Teacher Training

Past Tense’s Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, a Yoga Alliance registered 85-hour program, is dedicated to teaching yoga teachers how to honor and empower the pregnant person. Graduates of this program will feel confident in leading prenatal and postnatal, public and private yoga sessions that accommodate all bodies and all journeys. Instead of a list of do’s and don’ts, graduates will learn how to lead classes that provide the opportunity for self-expression and self-awareness, aiding a pregnant person on a journey of discovery during this changing and miraculous time.

This training will include an in-depth discussion of the physiology of the pregnant and postpartum body, how yoga asana can improve awareness of the pelvic floor and aid in birth and how to effectively cue subtle spaces in the body. We will also touch on pranayama specific for pregnant people, the energetic body during pregnancy, pregnancy loss and postpartum and how to hold space for your students. Visiting professionals will help students understand a variety of topics including in-depth sessions on pelvic floor health, birth in the greater DC community and caring for the womb space. This training will give students the most up-to-date resources on pregnancy and postpartum exercise science to empower future teachers to create their own accessible and inclusive classes.

Students of the Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training will leave with:

  • A comprehensive manual
  • Knowledge about how to create prenatal/postnatal yoga classes
  • A greater sense of self-awareness and deepening understanding of personal reproducive health
  • Certification as a Yoga Alliance recognized Prenatal Yoga Teacher (upon completion)
  • Resource list for ongoing learning

2019/2020 Training Dates:

The training will take place throughout four weekends on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00-6:00 and on Wednesdays from 5:45-8:00 pm.

  • Wednesday, Dec. 4
  • Saturday, Dec. 7-Sunday, Dec. 8
  • Wednesday, Dec. 11
  • Wednesday, Dec. 18
  • Saturday, Jan. 4-Sunday, Jan. 5
  • Wednesday, Jan. 8
  • Wednesday, Jan. 15
  • Wednesday, Jan. 22
  • Saturday, Jan. 25-Sunday, Jan. 26
  • Wednesday, Jan. 29
  • Wednesday, Feb. 5
  • Wednesday, Feb. 12
  • Saturday, Feb. 14-Sunday, Feb. 15 (Note: Sunday's session will end at 3:00 pm)

About Lindsey

About Your Lead Trainer

Lindsey Uhrig has worked in women’s health for over seven years in various ways including as a full-spectrum doula, clinical health educator, certified birth educator and prenatal yoga instructor. Currently a midwifery apprentice, Lindsey has been “catching” babies in Colorado and is excited to return to her community in DC to share this training.

Lindsey created this training so help teachers offer a supportive environment that includes all journeys rather than one that imposes rules about the "right" way to carry a pregnancy and give birth. This training will also include discussions on the current state of maternal health in the United States and in DC so that new prenatal teachers can move with awareness around the difficult issues in reproductive health. Lindsey is also excited to offer a few techniques of affordable and accessible self-care for the reproductive health system that trainess can take with them for their own practices.

When not at a birth, death or other reproductive health-related training, Lindsey is backpacking in the Colorado mountains, ranting about the patriarchy or working on her midwifery studies.



What are the prerequisites of the program?

There are no prerequisites for participation. For certification, you should have completed your 200-YTT.

What level of experience do I need to bring to this training?

All bodies, identities and people are welcome in this training. You do not have to have had any experience with pregnant people or reproductive health to join this training.

I’m not a yoga teacher but still interested, is this training for me?

Yes. An understanding of Prenatal Yoga can serve birth workers and other health professionals. While you won’t be certified to teach yoga, you will walk away with more understanding of how yoga compliments other holistic health options during pregnancy as well as the physiology of birth, labor positions and how to support people along the reproductive health spectrum. Please inquire into what the program can look like for non-yoga teachers.

How do I register?

First, fill out an application. Then click here to sign up. Your $250 deposit secures your spot in the program.

Where is the training located?

At a private studio in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood.

What does the training cost?

The training is $1,500. There is an Early Bird Special of $1,250 available through August 1.

Do I need a Prenatal Yoga Certification to teach prenatal yoga?

No one is requiring you to register as a certified prenatal yoga teacher but a lot of students and studios feel more comfortable knowing that you’ve completed a training. The wonderful thing about the pregnant body is that it is always changing and therefore so is our understanding of it. This training will give you the most up-to-date information you will need to support your students.

What if I can’t make some of the dates listed for the training?

You are more than welcome to join any and all parts of the training. However, your certification with Yoga Alliance is dependent on your attendance for the 75 hours of classroom time. Missed hours will hurt your possibility to complete the program and receive certification. Students who need to miss hours for personal or family emergencies will be allowed to schedule make up hours with the lead trainer at a personal investment of $100/hour.

What are the training weekends like?

Training weekends will consist of practice (asana, meditation, pranayama) as well as lecture, group activities, guest speakers and practice teaching. Sessions will be held in a small studio space in the Mt Pleasant neighborhood of Northwest Washington, DC accessible by bus and metro and with available parking. There will be a lunch break and other short breaks throughout the training sessions. Students who are breastfeeding will have space for pumping and should inquire into kid-friendly times in the training.

How does the certification process work?

After completion of the training weekends, students will be responsible for completing 10 extra out-of-classroom hours as dictated by the program. The 10 hours will be comprised of class observation, teaching and writing assignments. A number of the hours will be completed in conjunction with the program and proactive students could finish the remaining 10 hours alongside the classroom weekends. Upon completion of all hours, materials will be submitted to the lead trainer and a certificate will be provided to the student. The student will then submit the certificate to the Yoga Alliance.