Community-oriented yoga studio in Washington, D.C.

3253 Mt. Pleasant St. NW, Washington, DC 20010


Past Tense Mission & Values

As life twists us into knots, Past Tense offers a yoga experience that strengthens, stretches and unwinds its members. The studio provides a welcoming, open atmosphere for yoga newbies without pretension or the things that intimidate new students. And, it offers more advanced students the space and expertise to continue and expand in their practice. In addition, Past Tense  aims to be an inclusive, welcoming and fun addition to the community.

Our Intention:

* To encompass community by both creating a welcoming one within the studio and by being an active addition to the neighborhood in which we operate,
* To celebrate and honor the diversity of the city in which we practice,
* To value our teachers and staff as partners in the creation and growth of this space and all it embodies,
* To build a community that continues to grow,
* To develop and support new teachers through Teacher Training, mentorship and continuing education,

* To operate with a balanced focus on fun and creativity with a respect for the ancient yogic traditions,
* To re-interpret the standard yoga experience in a creative and lighthearted way,
* To create a space in which creativity is honored and encouraged,
* To cultivate an atmosphere where the owners and employees can be joyful in and proud of our work,
* To cultivate and celebrate the creativity within our community,

* To provide accessible and high-quality yoga classes, taught by teachers from a diverse array of yogic traditions to new and experienced students, seniors, children and parents,
* To provide workshops and specialty classes that complement and support our students' practice such as Pilates and Foam Rolling,
* To care for the people - staff and students - who come through our door and meet them where they are in their practice,
* To foster and encourage personal transformation for our students,
* To provide a place of authenticity that is comfortable and safe,
* To acknowledge and embrace that our interpretation of yoga is a blend of many traditions and adapted to the needs of our Washington, DC community.