Past Tense for new students

New to yoga?

We know how intimidating it can be to try something new and meet new people. One of our primary goals is to make sure you feel welcome, safe, and supported as you begin.

Great places to start

Whether you rarely move your body or are a daily runner who doesn’t make time for stretching, we invite you to explore our varied options. Good places to start: Beginner Vinyasa Flow, Roll + Restore, Slow Flow + Meditation, Sunday Soother, Yoga for Longevity, and our regular Yoga Foundations series.

Our Yoga Foundations series is aimed at the raw beginner and those returning after an extended break. This four-part series addresses basic alignment of foundational postures, the power of linking breath with movement, and some basic guided meditation practice. These classes give you the opportunity to practice yoga in a supportive, small-group setting.

Some of our Yoga Foundations series focus on a specific category of postures or body parts (i.e., Yoga Foundations: Twists, or Yoga Foundations: Core), and these sessions are an excellent place for students returning after a hiatus or anyone looking to refine their practice.

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Past Tense Yoga foundations series

Still not sure?

Drop us a line. We’d be happy to help!

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