Yoga for the Whole Family

Piano lessons. Soccer practice. Play dates. Homework. Kids’ lives are as hurried as the parents who chauffer them to and fro. Yoga can help. In fact, kids who practice yoga experience many of the same benefits we do: It reduces stress, helps concentration, improves sleep, aids digestion, and increases strength and flexibility. Yoga also helps kids establish healthy habits early on and teaches them how to calm and relax themselves.


Prenatal Yoga

This class for moms-to-be safely strengthens and stretches the body in preparation for childbirth. You’ll learn how yoga can help alleviate common aches associated with pregnancy and modifications to make in other classes. We’ll also use breath-work, meditation and relaxation techniques to help you, well, relax in the face of so many life changes.

Baby + Me

This class focuses on yoga, meditative breath-work and conditioning for moms as well as stretches and massage for babies.

This class is open to mothers (and partners) with babies from 6 weeks old to just before crawling. Babies are welcome in any mood - asleep, fussy, hungry, etc. Breast/bottle feeding, changing diapers are welcome in class.

PJ Party

Ready for a night out? We're throwing a pajama party for your kids (5 and up). Drop them off at Past Tense at 6 p.m. with dinner in hand, and we'll eat, play games, watch a movie, and even do some yoga. Pick ‘em up at 9:00 – or they might turn into pumpkins.

PJ Parties typically happen once a month on Saturdays. Check out the schedule and register here. Please note, you must pre-register and we ask you to register in your child's name.

Kids Yoga Series

Studies show practicing yoga helps children build confidence, concentration and self-esteem. It improves flexibility and balance, teaches kids how to exercise, and helps off-the-mat athletics from soccer to swimming.

This fun and active series includes poses, stories and games to help kids grow. We offer classes for ages 5-7, 8-12 and 13+ in ten-week sessions.

Winter Session begins the week of Jan. 22. Register here.