Community-oriented yoga studio in Washington, D.C.

3253 Mt. Pleasant St. NW, Washington, DC 20010



Arrival Time

The door is open 15 minutes prior to the start of class. We encourage you to arrive early to get settled and find presence on the mat. To make for smooth and on-time class start times, we only hold reservations up to five minutes before the start of class. To guarantee your reservation, please be sure to arrive at least five minutes before class time.

Late Arrivals

In order to avoid disruption and reduce the likelihood of injury we do not accept late arrivals. We lock the door promptly at the start of class and latecomers are not admitted. The door remains locked throughout class to maintain the safety and security of our students, staff and personal belongings.

Class Cancellations

You can cancel your classes online without losing your class pass credit by logging into your account with us, and then canceling more than two hours prior to class. If you cancel after that point, the class will be deducted from your pass. Members with more than one late cancel (canceling less than two hours in advance of a class they are signed up for) per week will be charged $10.  All the money generated by this fee will go to support the Past Tense Scholarship Fund.

Cell Phones

As a courtesy to the Past Tense community, we ask that all electronics be silenced or turned off in classrooms, and that any necessary phone conversations take place outside.

Mats, Water and Valuables

We offer complimentary Manduka Pro mats at the studio. Please wipe down the mats after class and hang them to dry on the rack.

We provide filtered water, but please bring your own water bottle.

We have shelves inside our practice space for small valuables. And we do lock the door at the start of practice as Past Tense cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.

Expired Classes

You don’t lose classes with us. If your pass expires any remaining classes will automatically be rolled into your next pass.