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Past Tense is a vinyasa-based studio. While vinysasa is translated as “place in a special way,” it has become an umbrella term for flow-style classes. At Past Tense, how vinyasa is interpreted is intentionally broad and varied. We understand what you may need on Monday is different than what you need on Thursday or in six months from now so we hope our wide-ranging approach lets you find what you need at any given point in your week or life.

Get Moving

Flow 1 – Brand New and Continuing Beginners

  • Recommended for those with no or little yoga background and students interested in refining their alignment. No experience or flexibility required.

Great for beginners, those returning to yoga after a break, students with injuries, and seasoned practitioners this class focuses on the most common postures and transitions with attention to alignment, the muscular engagement needed and breath awareness.

Students can expect detailed verbal guidance, a slower pace and demonstration. These classes help students build the strength and confidence needed to establish a regular practice and provide an opportunity for more experienced practitioners to fine-tune their practice so they can take it to the next level.

Flow 1/2 – Advanced Beginner and Intermediate Students

  • Recommended for those with some yoga experience and a solid understanding of the basic poses and transitional movements of a flow class.

Building on the foundation of Beginner classes, this class offers a flowing, dynamic form of yoga that connects the breath, or pranayama, to the movement. Flow 1/2 classes typically emphasize building strength and endurance in postures, refining alignment and working with more challenging variations.

Students should expect a more vigorous pace, dynamic sequences with a wider range of poses and modifications so students can elect to make the posture more or less strenuous and an introduction to other yoga practices such as pranayama, meditation, and philosophy.

Flow 2 – Intermediate and Advanced Students

  • Those with an established yoga practice and an intermediate or advanced yoga foundation. Not for those with a beginning knowledge of yoga.

Flow 2 classes introduce more challenging poses and techniques for approaching poses.

Student can expect to move at a faster pace, deeper variations, dynamic sequences and an opportunity to explore the physical aspect of their practice in new ways. Students will explore the subtler aspects of yogic practices such as philosophy, pranayama, chanting, bandhas and mudra).

Flow 2/3 – Advanced Students

  • Those with a strong, ongoing practice. This class is recommended for students with at least 12 months of consistent practice. Not suitable for those healing from major injuries or beginners.

Flow 2/3 classes explore the more subtle and complex aspects of postural yoga. Students can expect intricate sequences, challenging postures and refined alignment. Students should have the self-awareness to modify their practice as needed.

Flow and Go – Advanced Beginner and Intermediate Students

  • Recommended for those with some yoga experience and a solid understanding of the basic poses and transitional movements of a flow class.

This 30-minute version of our Flow 1/2  class offers a flowing, dynamic form of yoga that connects the breath to the movement. This short vinyasa flow class focuses on the physical aspects of yoga and emphasizes a more vigorous pace,  building strength and promoting flexibility. This class is for those who want to access the benefits of yoga but may be experiencing Zoom fatigue or not have time in their day for a full hour.

Pilates – All Levels

  • Open to all levels

Pilates both strengthens and stretches the body.  Each exercise involves controlled movement that strengthens your core with every repetition as well as works to realign the body. This challenging but rewarding class is a great compliment to your yoga practice and modifications are available to welcome students of all levels.

Slow Down

Restorative – All Levels

  • Open to all levels, including beginners and those recovering from injuries

Restorative poses are an important part of any yoga practice: they recharge our energy reserves, heal the effects of stress, and bring our nervous system into a more balanced state.  Restorative Yoga at Past Tense includes guided meditation, gentle movements, and long holds in restorative postures with the support of yoga props. This class will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and renewed.

Roll + Restore – All Levels

  • Recommended for all levels, but an introduction to postures is recommended

In this class, we combine self-myofascial release techniques and asana to enhance your practice and relieve tight areas in your body. Using foam rollers, therapy balls and yoga postures we work with fascia, the connective tissue of the body, to increase flexibility, ease pain and calm the nervous system. Students can expect part gentle flow, self-massage and a lot of rolling around on the ground.

Slow Flow – All Levels

  • Recommended for all levels, but an introduction to postures is recommended

This gentle flow class links physical asana, breathwork, and a seated meditation for a full spectrum practice that grounds you in the present moment. Students can expect a slower paced flow, restorative pranayama and a guided meditation. While Slow Flow is a mixed-levels practice, an understanding of the fundamentals and knowledge about the pose names is helpful.

Sound Bath - All Levels

  • Open to all levels

In our monthly sound bath meditation students will enjoy the vibration and tones from singing bowls to relax and come into a deeper state of consciousness and awareness. There is no movement involved in this class and students are welcome in street clothes.

Yin - All Levels

  • Open to all levels, but may not be appropriate for students with injuries or significant mobility limitations.

Yin uses gravity and props to hold poses that target the deepest tissues of the body. Students can expect relaxed holds of 3-5 minutes. While the poses are not generally physically demanding, the practice requires patience and focus. Students will be encouraged to pay attention to each moment, and work gradually through each pose. Since the physical practice is quite simple, this also opens up a chance to practice mindfulness and learn the principles of meditation.

Specialty Classes

Baby and Me – All Levels

  • Open to all levels, but doctor's approval is highly recommended for postpartum students

While the structure of the class for parents and their little ones largely depends on the parents that show up (in particular acknowledging unique birth experiences and recovery journeys), it will always include some baby massage time, group sharing, and strengthening and stretching exercises.

Babies are welcome as early as parents and doctors feel comfortable and take class until they are pre-crawlers.

Kids Yoga - All Levels

  • Open to all levels

Studies show yoga helps children build confidence, concentration and self-esteem as well as improves flexibility and balance. This class for kids 5+ includes poses, stories and games to help kids grow.

Prenatal – All Levels

  • Open to all levels, but an introduction to postures and doctor's approval is recommended

Prenatal yoga supports the pregnant person through all three trimesters, as well as the postpartum fourth trimester. Students can expect to start class by building community through introductions and group sharing, then finding movement with yoga postures that are both safe and adaptable for a pregnant body, and ending with rest or guided relaxation.

We ask that you please check with your OB or midwife that prenatal yoga is safe during your pregnancy.

Senior Yoga - All Levels

  • Open to all levels

In this class we focus on postures to increase bone density, balance, and overall strength. While this class is aimed at the discount-transit-ticket-set, we are a welcoming group for anyone who would like to join. All yoga postures are offered with a ton of modifications and variations to make sure everyone in the room has something to do to benefit mind and body.

YAY - All Levels

  • Open to all levels

YAY (Young Adult Yoga) provides a non-competitive environment for older children (10+) to explore poses, breathing exercises, movement games, mindfulness activities, and much-needed relaxation techniques. Students learn techniques for concentrating, reducing stress, and connecting to their bodies in a loving way, while still being playful and fun. Classes often revolve around a philosophical theme and may include discussion, journaling, or mindful art.