Community-oriented yoga studio in Washington, D.C.

3253 Mt. Pleasant St. NW, Washington, DC 20010


Baby + Me

This class focuses on yoga, meditative breath-work and conditioning for moms as well as stretches and massage for babies. This class is open to mothers (and partners) with babies from 6 weeks old to just before crawling. Babies are welcome in any mood - asleep, fussy, hungry, etc.


Beginner Yoga

Our level 1 classes focus on poses with attention to the fundamentals and alignment. This provides new-to-yoga students the opportunity to gain confidence, strength and flexibility and intermediate practitioners the opportunity to fine-tune their practice.



This vinyasa class offers a flowing, dynamic form of yoga that connects the breath, or pranayama, to the movement. Level 1.5 is for students with an established foundation. Level 2 is for students with an intermediate to advanced practice.


Foam Rolling + Yoga

In this class, we combine self-myofascial release techniques and asana to enhance your practice and relieve tight areas in your body. Think of the roller as another prop in your practice.


Happy Hour

Start the weekend off right with an energizing workout on Friday evenings and walk out with a yoga high that will keep you going all weekend long. This class is not recommended for beginners.


Kids Yoga

Studies show yoga helps children build confidence, concentration and self-esteem as well as improves flexibility and balance. This class for kids 5+ includes poses, stories and games to help kids grow.


Lunch Hour

This hour-long class is an energetic and revitalizing experience that will carry you through the day. Better than that cup of coffee, it’s good to the last drop.



A great compliment to your yoga practice, Pilates strengthens and stretches the body with exercises aimed at the core. All Levels.


Prenatal Yoga

This class is designed to strengthen and stretch the body to prepare for and recover from birth. You’ll learn how yoga can help alleviate common aches and pains associated with pregnancy and what modifications to make in other classes.


Senior Yoga

Class incorporates a gentle, yet invigorating warm-up, a gradual progression of yoga poses to strengthen and stretch the body and breathwork to calm and relax body and mind.


Slow Flow

This gentle flow class links physical asana, breathwork, and a seated meditation for a full spectrum practice that grounds you in the present moment. The practice ends with a guided meditation. All levels.


Sound Bath

In our monthly sound bath meditation you'll enjoy the vibration and tones from singing bowls to relax and come into a deeper state of consciousness and awareness. All levels; Students are welcome in street clothes.



This ease-ful class uses gravity and props to help students hold poses in a fully relaxing, restorative way that encourages flexibility and the opportunity to cultivate a quieter, contemplative practice. All Levels.



In YAY (young adult yoga), we focus on yoga and meditation practices that help decrease stress, improve concentration and increase balance, flexibility, strength and coordination.



Yin uses gravity and props to hold poses. This helps awaken and release our tendons, ligaments and joints of the body, leading to a much longer lasting flexibilty within the body and the mind. All Levels.